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We invite you to take a look at what others have to say about the services they receive from Verity Home Care. If you'd like to share your experience, please email us. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Outstanding Care

I am so grateful for the outstanding care my mother received from Verity Home Care during the last days of her life. The caregivers kept her so comfortable and clean, they massaged her and read to her from the Bible.

They called me with updates on her condition and were so gentle and kind to my mother and our family. She passed away so peacefully and respectfully.

I can never say how much this meant to all of us. Thank you Verity staff.

- Stan T., Vancouver

The Cream of the Crop

Who would have known that our mom would be able to stay at home, even though she needed such a great deal of care. The Verity staff came in and helped us care for her, showed us how to keep her safe from falls and gave us a much needed break from trying to do everything ourselves. The care she gets is from the cream of the crop and we are so glad we chose Verity to care for our mother.

- Janet P., Burnaby

Absolutely Wonderful

I found myself being unable to stay in my home any longer. I was sick with worry about going in to a care facility and became very depressed about it. I called Verity and they helped me every step of the way, from downsizing my household to looking after me and organizing my move.

I am now settled into my assisted living apartment and Verity staff look after me every day. They are absolutely wonderful and I could never have gone through this process without them.

- Alice B., Vancouver

A Touching Story

My father who lived with us suffered a very serious stroke in the afternoon one day last November. Up until that day, he was very active and independent but that day, everything changed for him and the doctor said he wouldn't make it more than a couple of days. The doctor said we could have our dad taken to hospital to be looked after if we wanted, but we decided to keep him at home to die. We thought that there would be a couple of days to spend with Dad, but in the middle of the night, he stopped responding to us, his breathing became irregular and his skin was becoming blue.

We knew he was going to die soon but we got panicky and thought we were doing something wrong. By this time it was about 3 o'clock in the morning and I knew we needed help, so I called four different home care agencies. There was no answer at two of them, and a third agency did answer, but told us to have Dad taken to hospital by ambulance. I told the person that we wanted Dad to die at home and needed some help to care for him, but she insisted that we call an ambulance.

At around 3:20 am, I called Verity Home Care and was able to speak with a Registered Nurse within five minutes. The nurse listened to me and calmed me down. She could hear the gasping breath sounds over the phone and told me to put the phone by Dad's mouth so she could hear better what was going on. Right away she told me to lift up Dad's chin and prop it with a pillow to make the breathing easier. We did that and it worked immediately

The nurse said that he didn't have much longer but said that this would make the last breaths more comfortable. She said she would be on her way over and would be there to help us as soon as she could. Dad passed away very peacefully about 15 minutes later. I phoned the nurse back and she spoke to me from her car. She said, "Good job - you've done a good job caring for your dad - I'm coming anyways to help you out."

It was 4:00 am when she arrived. It was cold and dark and pouring rain. She knocked on our door and saw our faces. She hugged me for a long time and then we walked in to see my dad. "He looks so comfortable," she said. That was the best phone call I ever made.

- Linda H., Vancouver

I Knew Who to Call

In February 2012 my precious mother had a major stroke. She was in hospital for two months. When the time came for her to come home, I knew exactly who to call. Deborah and the Verity team had helped Mom the year before when Mom's husband also had a stroke. Mom has complex medical needs and has 24-hour care at home. Under the direction of Deborah the care aides handle Mom's every need. They treat Mom with dignity and respect. They are kind, professional and create a pleasant and fun environment. They juggle a fleet of tasks with skill and efficiency. Sometimes innovation is required. They just do it! Deborah is available for consultation 24/7 and has at times come in the night for serious concerns. The care aides do daily physio and speech/language therapy. My precious mother has made phenomenal progress thanks to Team Verity. You are all SPECTACULAR!!!

- Liz, West Vancouver

So Pleased to Have Discovered Verity

Thank you for everything you and your staff do for my mom and dad. My dad speaks highly about your staff. I wanted to let you know how much I value Kristel, the Client Care Coordinator. She is spectacular at sending me updates via e-mail and it is very much appreciated. We are so pleased to have discovered Verity!

- Brian T., Vancouver

Just Superb

I am so grateful for the Verity nurse for dropping in every few days to do extra checks on my mom whenever she is under the weather. I know the nurse is supposed to visit every two weeks, but it is much more often than that. She is so well looked after by the Verity staff and we always get calls or e-mails with each visit. It is just superb - didn’t expect this at all and it has been like this since we hired Verity over a year ago.

We know she isn’t easy to look after, but the staff are so good to us - really appreciate the service.

- Rick C., Vancouver

We Really Trust Verity

My parents wouldn’t be able to live at home without Verity. They refused to go to a nursing home but could not manage at all on their own. The live-in staff keep them safe and very well cared for, their house looks great and they are happy. We really trust Verity.

- Sherry P., North Vancouver

Best Staff Supervision

Verity is the best home care company with the best supervision of staff. Period.

- Cathy, Vancouver

Best Home Support

The best home support company is Verity Home Care. I interviewed lots of others to look after my father and they didn’t come close to the quality of Verity

From a Staff Member

When my husband and I and our son were new to Canada, we had almost nothing. I was hired by Verity and they cared enough to ask how we were making out as new Canadians. In fact, we were struggling and didn’t even have dishes or pillows or blankets. When I shared this with Michael at Verity, the next day we got a delivery of household goods and he gave us an advance to get us through those first difficult weeks. I would say that it is because of Verity that we are now successful. I will never forget that Verity was our first experience with Canadians – they are very kind and caring people. We will always remember that.

- Cecile, Vancouver

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